Sunday, December 10, 2006

Shankara's Visit to Texas !

Date: May 17, 2006 12:48 PM

"Guruji, I love you and you are my AdiShankara.".. soft and little tremble in my voice as I looked straight into HIS eyes and uttered these words... and there came the smile, the most famous and precious smile which stole the hearts and minds of millions of people all around the globe. It was my golden moment, my time of enlightenment, me with my Shiva, and that was it.. No amount of good Karma can get you a Guru, GuruDev once said.. its just HIS love and grace that brought me that moment.. Then GuruDev lifted his hand and patted my shoulder and blessed me... Blessed me like the divine touch of Bhagwan Sri Ram, which turned a stone into a beautiful angel..

"Guruji.. tum mile, dil khiley aur jeene ko kya chahiye" (Guruji, I found you and my heart blossomed, Is there anything more valuable than this in life ?) .. that was what went on in my mind, as 200 other devotees lined up to have the darshan of Guruji at the Uvalde Activity center on a beautiful sunny saturday in Texas.. and what a darshan it was !.. Guruji spoke to each and everyone... we all could not have wished for more. there was abundance.. so rich was the time.. so satisfying the experience.. my two eyes were not enough to behold the glory of his compassionate love.. the senses cried out their limitations in capturing the picture of my master.. if there's a heaven, we were in it.

"Marugela raa.. O Raghavaa".. the melody from the vichitra veena was so enchanting that the chirping birds took a recess and were lost in the sound along with us on this very peaceful evening..There was GuruDev, seated underneath a tree.. some of us were sitting on the grass and some on chairs... It was sunset time.. the animals and other living beings caught up in everyday activities were returning home to rest.. it was time to relax and just be joyful.. This was how it should have been when Dakshinamurthy taught the wise men in silence.. or when Ashtavakra spoke of wisdom to Janaka.. or during the discourses of Yagnavalkya in the times of Naimisharanyam.. It was satsang time and the party was on.

"Gayatrananta charitam tava naradopi".. (Your infinite glories are sung by Narada and other rishis) ..surrounded by all angels and rishis we sang the glories of the Lord in the Lord's presence.. the first satsang on the occassion of the opening of the first ashram in the United States.. amidst a wealth of devotion in the ocean of gratitude.. we all merged.. We celebrated HIS 50 years (though HE has no beginning and no end) as HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar..

"Imam prapya bhajasva maam".. I am blessed to be singing HIS name and for being part of this celebration.

with love and respect,