Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play of words.

Do you want to do something funny and interesting and also learn something valuable at the same time ?

Just make a statement to your closest friend about something which he/ she doesn't like... and observe the drama..

To have even more fun, just repeat the statement a couple of times and insist on it.. and boy, that is it..

few words are enough to create turmoil and churn the mind.. they are just enough to throw the mind off balance ... the other person starts behaving funny

the entire situation turns around.. the intimacy starts going down.. there is tension now.. anger , hatred soon follow.. words are sharp and cut thru the heart and insensitive to the feelings of one another.. and at this point if you repeat the statement just one more time.. that is it, Good Bye for the rest of your life !

hehehe.. soo amazing !

its just mind boggling what a few words can do..

words make or break friendships, relationships, marriages, situations and the state of mind !

isn't it so amazing that we base our lives, love and hate, on the words of others.. ? our concepts, ideas about people are based on what they spoke.. ?

Our perception about others is so shallow .. they can change at the slightest wind erosion.

Life seems so superficial that few words can alter its course..

so amazing what a few words can do..

just amazing.

centered is the one who sees beyond the words... such love stays for eternity.. the love that transcends the vagaries of speech..

All glories to my Gurudev, whose love envelopes every nook and corner of this creation and immune to all thats spoken.

Shabdon ke jungle mein.
tu kyon phasa hai
parabrahm ke ras se
tera nas nas rama hai

Anand tu hi
paramanand tu hi

Om mein kho kar
Om mein ram kar
Om mein milna hai