Monday, November 26, 2007

Gravity and love

I personally feel that its not quite possible to have a unified field theory, but i could be wrong.. of the four fundamental forces of nature (Electromagnetic, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravitation).. the physicists could unify three of them except gravity .!.. now, gravity has been mind boggling scientists for a long time and it will continue to... no one knows how to explain it..

gravity is so puzzling that it can even bend light.. so who knows ? who knows what this creation is governed by (this assumes that its governed by some rules and someone should know it) ?.. this reminds me of a sloka from Rg Veda which used to feature on 'bharat ek khoj' on DD long time ago

Rg Veda: book 10: hymn 129

kima-siddh dono vyoma paroyat
kima-vareeyah? kuh? kasya sharmannamvah?
kima-siddh gahanam gabheeram...

Who really knows, and who can swear,
How creation came, when or where!
Even gods came after creation's day,
Who really knows, who can truly say
When and how did creation start?
Did He do it? Or did He not?
Only He, up there, knows, maybe;
Or perhaps, not even He.

so who knows ? this is the intersection of a question and a wonder.. wow ! who knows !.. such an awesome creation .!. who am i ! what is happening inside me and all around me ! wonder how these emtions come ! wonder who all these people are ! and that is bliss (u shud see ashtavakra gita tapes to appreciate this more)

anyways.. talking about gravity.. Gurudev says.. gravity of earth is the love of earth for us.. so probably gravity is love ! and love cant be understood or explained (anirvachayniyam prema svarupam , Narada Bhakti Sutras) .. that could be the missing link.. who knows !


will write more on a later day

All glories to my Gurudev, the emobodiment of all knowledge

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my Head !

Raindrops keep falling on my head
and just like the guy who's feet are too big for his bed,
nothing seems to fit those,
raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling

so I just did me some talking to the sun,
and I said I didn't like the way he got things done,
sleeping on the job those,
raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling

But there's one thing, I know
the blues they sent to meet me won't defeat me.
It won't be long 'till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep falling on my head
but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red.
Crying's not for me, cause
I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining
because I'm free, nothing's worrying me

Saturday, November 17, 2007

rAma rAma ana rAda ?

I heard a wonderful composition today.. 20 seconds into the song, my eyes closed in prayer and I felt like dancing joyfully.. !. its called..'rAma rAma ana rAda' .. composed by prayAga rangadAsa .. who is Dr.BalaMurali's grandfather.. its in sindhubhairavi (same ragam as venkatachala nilayam)..

this is sung by one amazing amazing singer... Prince Rama Varma.. I am his big fan now.. he is just too good.. with absolute innocence and joy on his face and with so much devotion and playfulness he sang this one. ok here is the video.

I transliterated the lyrics here.

rAma rAma ana rAda raghupati rakshakudani vinalEdA ?
kAmajanakuni kadha vinu vAriki kaivalyambe kAdA ?

Why dont you chant ‘Rama Rama’? didnt you hear that the scion of Raghu is the savior?
Isn’t liberation assured to all those who listen to his story

Apath bAndhavudagu srIrAmuni aaradhichaga rAra !
pApambulu parihAramonarchedi paramAtmude kadA ?

Come and lets worship Sri Rama who is your true friend in times of distress,
Isn't he the one who clears off all wrong doings ?

sArahIna samsAra bhavAmbudhi saraguna dAtaga rAra !
nIrajAkshuni nirathagadavu vuni nityAnandame kAdA ?

Come forward to quickly cross this juice-less ocean of material existence
isn't it eternal joy to sing the glories of the lotus-eyed one ?

vasudhanu gudimellankanu velasina vara gOpAlude kAdA ?
pasivAdagu srI rangadAsuni pAlinchuta vinalEdA ?

I love when it goes sArahIna samsAra bhavAmbudhi .. its just so melodious !.. and isnt Rama Varma marvelous . ?

another rendition by Rama Varma I heard is 'srI rAma nAmam'.. its absolutely wonderful . its by bhadrachala ramadasu .. in sankarAbharanam ragam i think.

here is the transliteration

shrI rAma nAmamu maravumu maravumu siddhamu yamuniki veravamu veravamu

We wil not forget the name of the lord,
(by the strength of which), we are ready to face anything, including death.

gOvindunvELa golutumu golutumu dEvuni guNamula dalutumu dalutumu

We worhip Govinda again and again,
we sing his virtues over and oer

viSNu kathalu cevula vinudumu vinudumu vEre kathalu cevula mandamu mandamu

Our ears only listen to Vishnu's stories
others stories cant enter them !

rAmadAsulu mAku sAramu sAramu kAmadAsulu mAku dUramu dUramu

Servants of Rama are our essence
Servants of Kama, stay away !

avanijA pati sEva mAnamu mAnamu mari oka jOlaNTE maunamu maunamu

We will not stop serving the lord of this world
of any other job, we refuse to speak.

bhadra girIshuni kanudumu kanudumu bhadramutO manamundamu undamu

Lets have a darshan of the lord
and in his company is our true security

Its such an innocent prayer.. and Prince Rama Varma does such an amazing job.. his cheerful face and actions are a delight to watch !

All Glories to my Gurudev, my radiant Self