Saturday, September 23, 2006


What is all this.. ?

the world. the people.. the problems.. the events.. the triumphs.. the tribulations.

where did all this come from..

what is the meaning of anything.. what is going on..

What does anything mean anyway ?

Does it even matter what I am thinking right now ?

Its so huge.. and vast .. the entire entity is so unfathomable.. the dynamics are crazy.. its all so quickly changing..

the 6 billion people on the planet will be dead in the next 100 yrs .

which means that.. 60 million ppl die annually on an average.

which equals to 5 million a month .. and 166,000 people die every day !!..

and an equal or more are born..

and uncountable plants, animals, birds, fishes are born. and they die too.

just looking at this dynamic activity creates an awe at the force of this existence..
how much power or energy gets transformed..

the creation is busy all the time.. its a tireless worker.

its a wonder !..

where does it want to go with all this ?

where is the creation heading to ?

how long does it want to keep doing what its doing.. ?

its crazy.. that was just the physical world..

in the mental , subtle space . the creation is also crazy

so many thoughts come and go.. in so many minds.. its just unbelievable..

the subtle space is like the mirror image of the realm of the thoughts..
because both are infinite, one cannot really say which is more deep !

well.. i dont know what a maze we all are living in..

i really dont know !..

the point is one cannot really find out how deep this thing is..
but one can really live a peaceful life by realizing how huge the infinite creation is..

by looking at the big pic.. the small complaints and nonsense disappear into nothing..

thinking about the infinite makes the mind vast.. and this makes the mind relax.

i dont know what it is.. but its all fun!

Monday, September 18, 2006

This is my first blog. Hello World !. hahaa.

I like the name of this blog.. I called it Padmapadam..

Padmapada .. i just love that name..

Padmapada was a disciple of Sri AdiShankara..

Once when Sri Acharya was at Kasi ( I think) he called out to his disciple who was on the other side of the river Ganges.. the disciple, heeding his master's call just started walking on the water. and where ever he stepped on the surface of water a lotus or padma bloomed to support him.. and thus he was able to cross..

and his name became PadmaPada..

I think there is a deeper meaning in it.. u can just walk across any water when you have that love and the trust.