Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reflections and Perceptions

विश्वम् दर्पण दॄश्यमान नगरी तुल्य्म् निजान्तर्गतम्

पश्यन्नात्मानि मायया बहिरिवोद्भूतम् यदा निद्रया

vishwam darpana drishyamaana nagari tulyam nijaantargatam

pashyannaatmaani maayaya bhirivodbhutam yadaa nidrayaa

I was driving the teacher to the Art of Living course on a sunday morning, when I heard Adi Shankara's Dakshinamurthy stotram on the mp3 player... and I thought Wow ! thats remarkable !

this is it.. the secret of the universe or of the mind.. in just two lines.

The world is a mirror and I see my own mind everywhere around me. Thinking that the world and I are separate is the illusion.

"Just for once, think you are not there.. Just assume you are not there in this world." said Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. "Think, If I dont exist, then what exists ?" .. the truth is right there.. if I dont exist, then what exists ?.. the thought is deeper than what many people perceive. 'I' am there, so everything else is there.

The mere existence of 'I' creates the universe... the 'I' and the universe are inseparable... the seer creates the seen.. the observer creates the observed.

Its my own self.. I see as men, women, friends, family, enemies, intelligent, stupid, talented, untalented, birds, animals, fish, trees, air, water, fire, planets, space .. its all my creation.

In another perspective, the thought itself is so empowering.. I am responsible for my self.. I create my reality.. I own my happiness... my thoughts, feelings and emotions.. I am totally accountable for how I feel. and not someone else... all the knowledge points from the Art of Living Course can be deduced from this..

My world is my perception.. my reality is created by my mind

vishwam darpana drishyamaana nagari ... absolutely wonderful statement.. its all me reflecting as the world..

"I am all that I create" I read, as I drove past a church.. its the same.... its one person..with thousands of names.. and thousands of forms. its all one person..

its kinda hard to think.. but its all just one being.. one person... who is living as so many people.. with different appearances.. different names.. likes and dislikes and perceptions..

The Purusha Suktam from the Rg Veda goes.. "sahasra sirsha purushah sahasrakshah sahasrapaad " ... the one with thousands of heads, eyes and limbs.. the one being..

another line from the Upanishad goes.. "Ekoham bahusyaamah" .. I am one.. but in many..

when this realization gains strength.. then there is only love, there is no other.. and service or seva happens automatically.. because its only me I see as others..

Gurudev says.. This world is play and display of consciousness.

तस्मौ श्री गुरुमूर्तये नमः इदं श्री दक्षिणामूर्त्ये

All glories to my Gurudev, who is responsible for this illumination.


āditya said...

This is so brilliant! How awesome am 'I'?!

When Guruji says "ego which encompasses all", I think I just realized what it means on a whole new level.

Dimps said...

wah wah wah ...!
all glories to the all pervading ego!

nil said...

It is so amazing !so there is oneness and....all in one and one in all!!

Random Reflections said...

Amazing N ! I am reading Yoga Vasishta these days and all you say strike home so beautifully. Whats amazing is that different scriptures written eons apart state the same truth. No wonder the term Sanathan Dharma ! Vasudhaiva Kutumakam.

Jai Guru Dev,

bhaw said...

You know you have an EXCELLENT gift of conveying knowledge so simply..
You rock man !!!
Keep it up!!
Jai Gurudev

pyari said...

Amazing :)